Been There, Done That

Reincarnation is a concept born out of the mind-driven need to have answers to questions regarding life after death and other questions like that.

It is also a way used to explain the development of characteristics needed to reach exalted states.

There is sometimes a karmic aspect attached to it also that provides a form of justice as we pass in and out of human form for past so-called transgressions.

Additionally, it should be mentioned that there are numerous documented cases of individuals recalling past life experiences that are uncanny, if not haunting.

While some, including some religious institutions and science, would debunk such experiences as "wild imaginations" or "unprovable thus not possible", we should always take these experiences of others as possible, if not probable.

There are simply too many things going on outside of our egoic reality that we must consider anything and everything as possible.

A belief that all things are possible leaves any door open to reality. We should embrace such things.

To explore this more, let me recommend this site: Past Life Regression, Reincarnation and Karma Coaching for Personal Growth - Past life regression coaching aids personal growth and spirituality by defining past lives karma. It helps you improve your body, soul, relationships, and mental health, and shapes your future life.

So.... Is there reincarnation?

In the book, On Being God, Beyond Your Life's Purpose, there are several conclusions derived that may help answer this question.

  • We are gods - not a part of a higher consciousness or the physical incarnation of life forms through which God can experience three dimensional existence, but real gods in our own right with all the creative power we give to the God out theresomewhere in the heavens.
  • Three dimensionality has conditioned us to accept, as reality, an illusion that life is what we see it as through our five senses and that anything outside of that is un-provable and therefore unreal.
  • A significant part of the illusion we are conditioned to accept is that there is sin in the world. The idea of opposites permeates every aspect of life which throws us into the judgment of that which is good versus that which is evil. Good and evil is a metaphor for the infinite range of possibilities we, as gods, have before us. Sin does not exist as anything other than as our conditioning defines it. Gods have no sin!
  • We can rediscover our true nature, our divinity, and see past the illusory life we live and upon discovering our true self we can experience life in a way unimaginable while in the illusory state.
  • Ultimately there is no purpose in life other than to experience every aspect of it and enjoy everything about it whether we consider it good or bad experience. Life is wondrous beyond anything the illusion we live under allows us to see.

It is not that there is or isn't reincarnation. It is really that it doesn't matter.

The purpose in life is not to grow and progress. It is to have, as Pierre de Cardin says, "a human experience". We have the process backwards.

Life is not about humans becoming gods. Instead, it is about gods becoming human. As we have forgotten this, life has taken on the form of hard work and struggle when it should be nothing of the kind.

Gods becoming humans means stepping down not up. We have become so driven to moving up, as part of our human experience, we have completely forgotten that we are already and always have been up!

Humans cannot become gods. Gods become humans!

In other words, right now, in this very instant you are perfect!

So.... is there reincarnation?

Who can say? Does is really matter?

Not if you find the God within you.

What are Your Thoughts on Reincarnation?

Do you have some personal experiences with reincarnation?

Share them!

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