My Thoughts on Reincarnation

by Juan Carlos Rede
(Orlando, Florida, USA)

Firstly, do I have personal experiences with reincarnation? Not that I can recall, but as you have so aptly put it: leaving the door open to all possibilities makes the improbability of reincarnation a moot point. Here are my thoughts:

I completely agree with you on the point that we are gods that have taken on human form. I call us spirits, but I'll continue to use the word "gods" for clarity's sake.

I also feel, as it seems you do as well, that there is no "heaven" nor "hell". I firmly believe, however, that there is an infinite. Richard Bach used the word Is. That's also a great phrase, I think. There is an Is. In this Is, we come back together with friends, family, loved ones, everyone, and we share what we learned on our journey here in this three dimensional plane.

And we choose to come back or not. "This time, I'd like to have this experience." "Oh, you need someone to be on earth for a couple of years? Sure, I'll sacrifice my human form in order to motivate others to give of themselves freely" (think of the Haiti earthquake most recently or any other disaster). When we ask ourselves, "Why does 'God' allow this to happen, to have Innocent people destroyed?" - this tells me that the reason their lives were so short was by choice. The spirit knew that they were only going to be in this plane of existence for a finite time, in order to create a state of charity and mercy and nobleness.

There is always a reason for everything. And I firmly believe we made that choice when we took the current form we are in.

That's my two cents, anyway.

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Mar 14, 2010
by: pamela

I agree with your comments absolutely. When asked "Why would someone choose to live on earth, then get murdered, or experience a great trauma?" I can only reply, "This is what spirit chose, I don't have the answers, only the questions!"

We all have an experience that brought us here, to this website, to this path. Is it the ego that would have me believe in reincarnation so I can return? I don't think so. Just the thought of another adventure!
Blessed IS!

Mar 13, 2010
Well said
by: Carl Bozeman


Thank you for comments and insights. I agree that we are infinite and eternal beings. We are the same "stuff" that any god we have created in our own images so any characteristic we give to them we ourselves possess. Even more!

I love your insight on people coming to this existence to be players in events that are for the benefit of others. We all have our reasons for being here but ultimately our being here is just a resting point for an infinite existence that is full of incredible adventure, wonder and joy.

I wrote an about this for the internet site "Inspire Me Today" you might enjoy. You can find it here:

Thanks , again for sharing your thoughts and insights. I hope you will add more to the discussion on other pages as well. Whatever this life is, no matter how we judge or rationalize it, it is pretty incredible! It is rich, abundant and exciting. I wouldn't have it any other way.

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