Gods Communicating with Gods

By Carl Bozeman

Intuition is often thought of as a spiritual gift handed out to a special few who seem to have a high intuitive acuity. For many of us, we marvel at this and even seek out those we believe have such gifts. In fact, we think of it as a gift because the intuitive individual seems so rare in our three dimensional experience. We stand in awe of this "sixth sense", as it sometimes called, because it does seem to be so unique and parsed so lightly among humans.

The truth is, intuition is not a gift from God or anyone else. It is an inherent part of everyone of us. In fact, it is likely inherent in every energetic form in existence. In other words, it is the communication mechanism of the gods.

In the page on perception, we discuss how the physical body receives billons of bits of information but only becomes conscious of fifteen to thiry of these. Our perceptual capabilities are staggering compared to what we actually end up perceiving. The mechanism of expanding our awareness is the intuitive capability we all possess.

Most of us have lost or have had this capability seriously weakened by the same conditioning in life that ends up screening out so much of what is going on. The mind has been conditioned to turn off intuitive insight in favor of what it believes is important for us to perceive.

Intuitive insight is how we comprehend the information the mind tosses out. It is the only way we can expand our awareness of the "description of the world", whatever it is our egoic mind has been conditioned to uphold. Our mind allows in only that which it believes. We miss out on the rest, if not the biggest, part of the life experience.

But you have intuition!

All of us do!

We have simply replaced it with what we call rational thought, and rational thought rarely has anything to do with reality as we think we know it.

Whenever the mind is confronted with an intuitive insight, it asks for proof in rational terms. For instance, "How did you know that?" or "How did you do that?"

The intuitive voice is always a sure voice. It is, after all, the voice of God. It requires no thought analysis or testing. It simply is and those who experience it have a knowing that is irrefutable.

The egoic mind cannot accept this. It needs proof!

When gods speak, there is knowing, not thoughts or feelings. In fact, in order to find your intuitive equipment and turn it back on, you must quiet the voice of mind, harness your feelings, and listen carefully in the quiet for the voice to come.

It may take a while, but when it does, it will be unequivocal and sure. As long as we don't allow the filters of mind to nullify it, the intuitive voice we all possess will never be wrong.

Learn to trust inner knowing. It's a better way to live in a three dimensional world.

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