Quiet Your Mind and
Expand Your Perception

Human perception is limited by what our minds have been conditioned to see. We are typically and consciously aware of only a small fraction of what is going on in our world, and our level of consciousness is directly related to what we have been taught and by whom.

For most of us, the perceptive filters we see through block out the greatest part of our reality. Science has proven that, in every given second, our bodies receive up to ten billion bits of information and our minds filter out all but fifteen to thirty of those bits of information.

Fifteen to thirty bits of information out of billions is the extent of our conscious perception!

Our conscious reality is truly an illusion. The life we are aware of is what our minds have decided we need to be aware of, and that decision is the result of our unique life conditioning.

What information finds its way into our consciousness is what we have been taught. The rest of it, the greater part of it by the way, is tossed out.

Our training from birth, the schools we have attended, the so-called lessons we have learned along the way, have well taught us to look at what we see rather than seeing that which we look at. We have literally confined our minds to view life through a lense that is only capable of perceiving a fraction of the life we could all comprehend if we could change those lenses.

To appreciate the greater part of life we all miss, we must expand our awareness. That is why we must silence the mind. It is constantly holding a conversation that upholds what it believes we should be aware of.

We need to stop the conversation altogether, but even changing it to allow more information from the universe to pass through the filters of perception would greatly expand our awareness.

If we learn anything from all of this, it should be that what we are aware, or conscious, of is mostly the noise of a life that considers unimportant things important and misses altogether the greater part of what we could be aware of.

Interesting how the human condition looks for more and more ways to be stimulated while casting off enough stimulation to make our minds explode!

We need to drop what we think we know as true, change our lenses from narrow focus to wide angle, and recondition our bodies so as to not be overwhelmed by the flood of new awareness that flows into us.

Start by stopping the ongoing conversation in the mind that upholds what it thinks you should know or believe. Meditate, walk in nature, and start seeing that at which you look. Life on earth, for you, will never be the same!

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