To Know by Not Knowing

There are many definitions of wisdom. It is a word that has as many meanings as individuals using the word.

It might be said that it is the sound use or application of knowledge.

We sometimes think of those who are wise as being older and seasoned in the ways of life, and through their experience have become wise.

It is always associated with intelligence whether it comes from life experience or through intellectual learning.

It may also be thought of as the highest form of human intelligence exceeded only by spiritual intuition.

The wise one has typically mastered his or her physical passions, desires, and emotions, and has overcome impatience in the achievements of their earthly pursuits.

We often think of those who are wise as those who have risen above earthly desires. Sometimes they will have attained great status and acclaim and are often sought after for their insights.

We like our human models and icons to have wisdom.

In our human experience, the road to wisdom is the road to highest intelligence, but it is not always the road to spiritual knowing.

Where wisdom says to honor self, spiritual knowing says to know self.

Doing both is a good way to go!

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