What is enlightenment?

by Avinish

Guru ji has defined what is enlightenment in clear and concise terms. It is great to understand this and come to terms with it. Its a must read.


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Jan 22, 2012
by: Carl

Thank you, Avinish, for sharing this wonderful blog by Guru ji. I read it and enjoyed the insight presented and recommend it to all my visitors and friends.

I could not agree more that we should let go of transient things that hold us captive to our illusory world. We put way too much of ourselves into "things" that, as Guru ji mentions, go away.

Life is to enjoy, as he mentions, but I disagree that we "perish". The "human" part of us does die, for sure, but the human body is just another one of those things that we hold onto as part of our illusory awareness. In other words, "we are not our bodies". We are more than that and that part of us that is not physical will never perish.

Enlightenment is a tough thing to describe. In fact, it really can't be described in "human" terms because "language" is another one of those illusory things, Guru ji mentions, that really don't exist, or at least, should not be held onto. Pretty much everything that we say or write or communicate is a "description" used by humans to paint a picture of the "illusion" we exist in. No definition truly works in describing what is going on.

Enlightenment is unknown and unknowable in terms of human description. The Tao says that as soon as you think you "know" (the Tao) you "don't". In other words it is beyond description. Enlightenment for me is something I cannot describe because to do so surrounds it in definitional boundaries that limit the breadth of its nature, which exceeds anything I can "say, think, or imagine".

I do believe posts such as this, however, cause us to ponder our limited awareness and that is always a good thing.

Thanks so much, again, for sharing this message from Guru ji. Blessings,


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