Thanks to Swami Nithyananda

by Anand Maharaj
(Rancho Cucamonga CA USA)

When my dad died and the priest started reading the gita, saying things like we are the soul....
I srarted getting pissed inside. I said to myself, here we go again with this stuff. I used to
Ask how do i know if theres really a God. I decided i am going to find the truth. Somehow i
Started reading books that talked about meditation and finding yourself. I had a dream about a Swami and Shiva stands up for him when i try to kick him out of the house because people told me hes a fake. Couple of weeks later he appears in my life. Weird. And after attending his
Inner Awakening program in India I had the experience that be was talking a ultimate
Meditation he taught me at the time.
One day i decided to try this meditation at home once again. I had a revelation. I got sucked
Deep into myself. There was darkness no voice no sound. It was as if every thing happened in a flash, in a second. Basically God said that i was him and he was me. Also that he was also
Everyone else and he was the Sat Guru Nithyananda as well.
Then I snapped out of it. My deep earning for meeting God finally was fullfilled. Thank You Swami Ji.

I pray to the Self to help others who want to know the truth. Jai Sat Narayan Bhagwan. It is true what they say when your earning for God is true, an Enlightened Master or a Sat Guru appears in your life.

When you get tired of scriptures and lectured and want to experience God, try Swami Nithyananda. It worked for me. Thats all I can tell you.

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