synchronicity : )

by marc

Well after a year of intense awakening it turns out that every thought, action, word, wink, nod, event, item Ect.. has energy and that energy travels. In fact it has been traveling since the dawn of time :) eg..that door came from millions of years of evolution agreed :)

That brings us to the now...... things are not looking good around the world are they? ....who will save us? Batman, Superman, our government...
undoubtably anyone reading this has questions. The answers are inside YOU, NO thing, nothing, no one, no book, can answer them for you. The key to your hidden knowledge is to let go of fear.

Imagine the most beautiful sunset in your mind, imagine you take a photo with your camera focus in to this amazing site... mmm nice :) Rip the picture up lol:) Now imagine a brighter more dazzling sunset better than before. Take your camera out... focus in... develop your photo... now rip it up... This process never stops EVOLUTION. This process is happening right NOW not yesterday, not tommorow, NOW.

Ok, the measure we have trained our minds is that we are always calm and happy, conected to this moment.

The Veil lifts, you notice small things have beauty and a deeper meaning. Try to connect as much emotion, intellect, gratitude to all and smile.

Next step, every one is your 'hall of mirrors'. Deal with your negativity, wrestle it into submission with love ;)

Every day is an adventure, every meeting is a chance to explore your self.

SYNCHRONICITY gets faster, you see things happening, deep meeningful occurences. Songs, infomation, numbers, to help you on your adventure. BAM YOU CAN NEVER UNKNOW something :)

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Jul 25, 2012
by: Carl

Well said, Marc. Hard to add to your comments. Hard not to "see" how incredible everything is in this rich and abundant life. I'm glad I'm here. Glad you're here, too. Thanks, again!


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