Spiritual Science -
Knowing You, Finding God

The new spiritual science is taking us deeper into the inner workings of the eternal and opening us up to greater enlightenment as to our place in the universe. The nature of our reality is ever expanding and we are becoming the awareness once thought that only a god out there in the heavens could possess.

Our perception of reality is expanding as the awakening to divine within us grows. No longer are we mere mortals with no place to grow except as dictated by a once all powerful God.

We are gaining the awareness that we are the God we seek and that within each of us is all the power we give to that entity in the heavens we once believed controlled all things.

This new science tells us that we are that power and that we create our experience in life on earth as well as in the eternities. God no longer dwells without but within and we are the divine we once sought in a so called heavenly dimension.

We are awakening to a new reality that is not clouded by the egoic mind of man. We are seeing beyond the illusion of that mind to an awareness never before understood.

Spiritual science is not really science. It is awareness - awakening from illusion to a new awareness that sees beyond the mind of man to the mind of God.

It is infinite and eternal awareness that we possess even now. When we learn to see beyond the ego-created illusion we all exist in, we awaken to wonderment and perception once thought the domain of God.

The universe continuously expands and so do we!

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