Spiritual Knowledge -
The Birth of Awareness

We have entered an era of new awareness that is sweeping through the hearts and minds of men and women the world over. New light in science and spiritual knowledge is bringing us ever closer to understanding our real place in the universe.

We are beginning to comprehend that you cannot have a universe "without the mind of man entering into it", but even more, that each of us is of divine nature, gods who are the very creators of everything in existence.

In other words, our awakening to this greater reality and awareness is the new light springing forth into the souls of men and women everywhere.

This new spirituality brings with it a new way to view our individual and collective worlds and see beyond the limits of human conditioning to an awareness that opens our perceptions from that of physical beings to that of gods.

We are recognizing our own unique and divine natures and finding a new place in the infinite expansion of the universe. We are creating that universe as it creates for us new meaning, awareness, and a reality no one has dared to acknowledge.

The energy of creation fills us as we fill the universe with life, awareness, and light.

We are the new knowing and our light permeates the earth and reaches into infinity. We are awakening to the enlightenment of gods!

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