Spiritual Health

Need a Tune-up?

Why is it that for most of us our spiritual health is rarely, if ever, considered until we have faced death, either ourselves or the death of someone close to us?

It seems that the question of what happens when we die is the one that pulls us into a place where we consider our spiritual natures. It has been said that we are spiritual beings having a human experience. If that is so, why are we more human than spiritual? If only we could answer such a question.

Why are we more human than spiritual?

The human reality we accept is compelling and, with invention and science, we have made the human experience even more so. It is difficult to see beyond the great works of human will and determination. Science more and more believes it has broken into the mind of God and can answer the greatest mysteries. In fact, because it has answered so many questions, it has created more mysteries to contemplate.

The universe is so huge and complex, the more we discover about it, the more incomprehensible it becomes. While we have turned our heads towards science, the deeper questions as to how we came to be a part of it all and why looms ever present. In spite of all we think we know, there are times in our lives that we simply pause and wonder what no scientific discovery can resolve.

Who are we?

We are spiritual beings having a human or, as some may say, a three dimensional experience. Our problem is that we have allowed the human to take over the experience our spirit should be enjoying.

We must care for our soul! Spiritual health comes not out of the things we discover outside ourselves. Our cry for myth is a yearning for knowing that exceeds our greatest science.

We look into the dark hoping to find light, but it will never be found. The health of the physical is ultimately found in a healthy spirit.

"I and my Father are one." In other words, the physical (I) is not apart from the spiritual nature within (the Father or Mother). The health of our physical is coupled inextricably to the health of our spirit.

We owe to ourselves to look inward to the light, and to find our way to the God who dwells there, to find ourselves and the God we are.

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