Spiritual Growth Through Physicality

How Is It Done?

The object of spiritual growth should always focus on reconnecting to that part of us that is God.

For most, spiritual growth is thought of much the same way as we look at modern education. In other words, we must work up to spiritual levels through study and training, subjecting ourselves to spiritual matriculation as outlined by so-called spiritual leaders and institutions.

Many of these leaders or institutions are religious in nature and espouse their own dogmatic construct as the way to spiritual awareness.

The essence of this kind of growth is that we do not start out spiritual. Rather, we work up to varying levels of awareness that can be measured by our physical intelligence.

Working up is a fallacy. Most have heard it said we are "spiritual beings having a human experience" and most would likely agree.

The implication is that we are already spiritual and that growing into it contradicts our already spiritual nature.

We do not grow spiritually.

We already are spiritual.

In fact, we are divine beings having a human experience. There is a common knowing in all of us, however, for most of us, we don't know it.

We have forgotten our true nature under the mask of our human nature. Human nature is ego and ego has blinded us from true reality. It struggles to keep this from us.

Ego is a master at convincing us that not only are we not gods, but that there is an ultimate spiritual being (God) whom we can never be like.

In other words, we are kept lowly, or beneath something we can never be. We are always less than...

True spiritual growth is really about discovering inner self. Finding that entity, that spiritual being we know we already are, but have lost under the noise of egoic mind.

Therein is the ultimate truth of everything we are, and when we find that, then the human experience is just that... a human experience.

The search for our spiritual nature is not about growing as a human into something spiritual. Rather, it is rediscovering our spiritual nature.

Upon finding the inner god we all are, life is about having and enjoying the human experience.

We don't grow into spiritual awareness.

We open to it.

It's already there in each of us!

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