In Search of Soul

It has been said that "the spirit and the body are the soul of man".

The reality of our existence is that we are more than human, but our human-ness makes it difficul to consider the more than human part of us.

One of the great abilities of mankind is cognition or being able to see ourselves in the world around us and think about it or express it.

There is also an introspective quality to humans that allows them to look back at themselves in a reflective way and analyze themselves to against learned cultural standards.

This might even be referred to as mindfulness.

Some say that the attributes we ascribe to humans are what puts us above all other creatures. This seems to imply an other-ness to us. For example, introspection is the ability to almost be outside our physical selves and look back at ourselves as if one of us observes the other from another place and time.

Most people, when given a chance to think about this peculiar state, recognize this dual quality we all seem to possess.

Who are these real characters that possess us?

It has been mentioned many times, in many different ways, that we are spiritual beings having a human experience. Most can accept this idea but few really comprehend its meaning.

On the reincarnation page, we are told that "humans do not become gods. Gods become human." That goes to the very heart of our own unique existence and answers the questions about the soul of man.

We are gods first and we have entered these human bodies so as to experience another piece of infinite existence.

In other words, a part of us is greater than its human or egocentric counterpart.

Literally, the mind created self, the human as it were, along with the divine part of us that always exists in some form makes up the soul.

We are two separate and distinct individuals and what accounts for most of the struggle humans fear is the great division between the two.

The egoic nature of man is usually the winner in this soul-ful experience, because the physical senses, the human part of us, are so strong. We are overwhelmed by them to the point that contributions to the life experience by our divine nature are often never noticed, except on rare occasions. Those rare occasions are often dismissed as coincidences, when in reality those coincidences are our biggest insight into our own divine natures.

It is the god within us who makes up the greater part of our soul. We should always pay attention to the coincidences in life, as we call them, because in reality, they are not coincidences.

The soul of man consists of the god who came to dwell within the human. The human consists of the mind, our egoic identity, our emotions, and our physical-ness.

The two, god and human, together make up the full experience of our earthly existence.

The ultimate challenge for all of us is to know them both and to find harmony and balance between them.

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