Self Improvement

But For Which Self?

The implication of self improvement has somehow convinced us that our living here and now must be a progressive process of growth that will add to the spiritual nature we came to life with.

But we cannot improve ourselves spiritually. We came to this life as gods seeking the experience of humans who live on this planet, and that is what we do.

Somehow, the human consciousness has masked what we truly are and a common mindset in human experience is that we must improve in order to advance beyond a supposed state we find ourselves in.

What we advance to is unknown, or at least it is a state that is always lower than the gods we create. This initiates an endless journey of trying to improve the self as we attempt to overcome those things our illusion tells us are weaknesses.

This is not to say that self improvement does not have a place in the human experience.

It does.

Part of the experience is adding to the collective experience of which we are all apart.

We educate ourselves so we can work and provide for basic human needs. We learn of other unique collectives unlike our own, or we discover how unique and wonderful our human-ness is among all these other unique and wonderful humans.

We learn to adapt, get along, fit in, with all the others. We look for our place in the human experience and every bit of it adds to our experience.

However, self improvement should never come out of a judgment that makes someone or something better or worse than someone or something else. When we look through eyes that judge, we lose humbleness of spirit, and our betterment becomes a detriment to others.

Much of the self-help movement nowadays is aimed at wanting and getting. We are asked, "What is it that you want?" or "How would your life be improved if you had ...?" (whatever that may be).

We are told that having what you desire will give you freedom, opportunity or any number of things that enhance and improve your life.

And they may enhance the human experience, but they will not enhance the spiritual experience.

You are already greater than anything you could possibly want or achieve as a human.

Wanting and having are characteristics of the ego. Ego is never satisfied with what it has. It always wants more.

Detachment and giving are characteristics of the spiritual being that we are. The human is improved by the gift of the spirit, the god that resides within each of us.

Self improvement efforts should be aimed always at self discovery, for in the discovery of the self, everything in life unfolds in ways that allow the expression of self to show through and our human-ness to be improved.

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