The Reality of Existence

What we view as reality is, for the most part, an illusion.

We see life through a very narrow and conditioned process that began at birth and continues throughout our lives. In fact, most of what we become takes place within the first 10 to 15 years of our lives, at which point, we become set in the condition we have been taught to accept.

For most of us, the rest of our lives consists of pursuing knowledge and support systems that agree with our conditioned state. In other words, we become trapped in a very small box of what we accept as real. It is virtually impossible to get out of that box.

Reality is not limited.

This is hard to accept, especially from our conditioned state. We often state, as fact or with absolute assurance, a point of view that has come from our conditioned state. We don't realize that that position or point of view has limited us from comprehending any other possibility.

We live in an infinite universe, and we, ourselves, are infinite.

Infinity suggests that not only are all things, situations, scenarios, etc. are possible, but that they have already happened.

The finite mind (finite through conditioning) limits us from infinite comprehension or possibility. In fact, it stifles the very part of us that is divine, which, if we could know, would open up our awareness of reality beyond anything our conditioned minds could possibly conceive of.

We must learn to open ourselves us to other possibilities and other viewpoints of life.

We all came to this earth life experience already aware of more than we are conditioned to comprehend. In other words, the existence we experienced as small children had greater awareness, imagination and wonderousness than what we have as adults.

Babies come to earth without rules or conditions. We, as adults, program rules and conditions into them, to the extent that the box we are in is the same box we build around them.

As adults, we should learn from small infants to be aware like they are and to be absolutely overwhelmed with the vastness of life. It should not be vice versa.

For most of us, our conditioned state is so thorough that we cannot remember what it was like being a child whose every waking moment was absolutely incredible!

Our existence should not be judged or have rules placed around it.

Each rule or each judgment is a limitation to what is really possible. The less confined we are, by our judgments or the conditions we have accepted, the more expansive and wonderful life becomes.

We, as divine life, even gods, need not have any limitations. We only have limitations because we accept the conditioning.

Challenge every rule and every judgment you have.

Your reality will take on more and more of the infinity we all are a part of!

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