Past Life Regressions

by Batya D
(S. FL and Nashville)

Batya, in this life

Batya, in this life

At first I thought whatever karma I had to deal with would show up for me in my present life. After all, this is where I had to handle it.

Then, a number of my clients (I'm a psychotherapist) came to sessions asking if I could regress them to past lives. So I signed up for a professional training with Dr. Brian Weiss.

Since them, my understanding has grown from my own regressions as well as those I've conducted for many others.

I've seen (or heard) how the work our souls have can spread across more than one lifetime. I think that's one of the most important insights I've gained.

This in know way lets us off the hook from doing the best we can in relationships, communication, participating in alleviating our own or the troubles of others, or meeting any of the challenges we have in our present lives. But it does relieve us of the need to be "perfect."

We must do whatever we can, reach for our own potential as it shows up in our present incarnation. That's a lot. And that's enough.

If necessary, we can complete our tasks "the next time around."

We learn from every life we have, every experience we participate in, every other person (or soul) we come in contact with. And that's a big part of the beauty of life.

There's always more, always new spiritual growth, always another step. Personally, I find that exhiliarating!


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