Spiritual Motivation or Physical Desire

What Moves You?

Motivation has become a key element in the self-help arena. In many ways, it has crossed over into every aspect of life including our spiritual life.

We are challenged in every aspect of physical existence to identify what we want and to dwell on it to the point of obsession and this obsessing will compel us toward the object of our desire as the universe conspires to bring it to us.

In our spiritual quest, we are encouraged to find our purpose in life and in so doing, we can focus our attention on those things we believe are the reason for being here in this human form. Upon finding our purpose, we will find the desire to achieve it.

Desire seems to be the engine of motivation and is not distinguishable between a spiritual or physical search.

Find that which you desire and you will move in the direction of its attainment.

You cannot get to the spiritual through the mind. The mind is part of the physical experience.

Sure, there is so much that has been accomplished and yet to be accomplished through the imaginings of the human mind, but the mind is driven by the desires of the flesh.

The nature of the human is to want. It always wants, while the nature of spirit is to "not want". In fact, the nature of the divine within, God, is to do exactly the opposite of the physical. That is, gods do not want of anything. Rather, they are inclined to "give" everything. In fact, creation, which is an attribute of gods, is an act of giving.

We all have this to learn. It is the nature of the physical to want, but the nature of the spiritual to give.

Wanting leads to taking, achieving, excelling, in the physical form while giving leads to humility and acceptance.

Spiritual motivation craves only the experience of living without wanting anything from it. The physical craves everything but life experience.

The motivation of gods is giving to life, not taking from it.

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