Life After Death
Life After Life?

Is there life after death? This is perhaps the greatest mystery of our existence. Almost all of humanity, in spite of spiritual or religious beliefs, fears this great unknown.

The question has haunted man through the ages.

It is the cause of an endless pursuit of humans to seek a fountain of youth that would end, once and for all, the terrible prospect of life ending forever.

Fear of death is man's greatest fear. However, fear of any kind is the workings of the mind-created ego. Fear, as with all other emotional states, is egocentric and thus not real except as we have come to accept it as egoic creatures.

This is hard to accept because our egoic natures are so strong and we feel our fear and all other emotions so deeply. It is a powerful physical experience and so, whatever the experience, we will become paralyzed by its power over us.

No Fear!

The question of life after death cannot be found from a place of fear, because fear is born of the mind and the mind cannot resolve what it cannot know in three dimensional terms.

Our science and religion seeks proof of existence that can only be expressed in mind based terms. In other words, "show me the place and people who have passed out of this earthbound existence, so I can know three dimensionally that I have nothing to fear".

This will never happen at a thinking level, however, we can find knowing when we find that part of us that is divine.

Get Out of the Mind!

We take physical existence too seriously.

Getting perspective on our lives and death must come from an inner connection to the divine self within. That part of us that knows that we - our essence, our thoughts, our unique characters - are infinite.

We cannot escape infinity except in our minds. The mind wants to accept infinity, but cannot because it is structured in absolutes.

The mind needs signs, and yet something inside each of us knows there is something infinite about us. That is the part of us that has no fear or emotions of any kind.

To ever get out of the box of fear, we must get out of the mind.

Within - Not Without!

God is not found in the infinite spaces without. He or she is found in the infinite spaces within! It is there, within, that we find resolution to the mysteries of life and death.

You are God and when you find that awareness within yourself, fear will leave you. It will take with it questions about life after death and all the other questions we find so daunting and difficult to answer.

Likewise, it is not possible to answer such questions from the mind or any other source, no matter how convincing they may be.

You already know the answers. They lie within you! In fact, they are you!

As life is life, so too is death life!

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