Is Knowledge
What You Know
What You Don't Know?

By Carl Bozeman

There are different kinds of knowing that have not found their way into the mainstream of knowledge. As such, we are missing the biggest part of knowing.

The search for knowledge has not opened the door to happiness. It has come to be thought of as one of the most valuable human assets and the more of it we attain, the better our lot in life will be. More and more, it is the sole credential looked at by employers, schools and even religious institutions.

Colleges and universities are even looking at experiential learning and finding ways to convert that to a type of education they can then apply toward their curricular requirements.

We value the known and praise those who have endeavored to accumulate knowing, even though there is research showing that what is known now will be doubled every eleven hours! Can you believe it?

Where does this vast pool of knowledge come from?

This gives rise to the idea that what is not known is the greatest pool of information available to us. The implication is that there are three kinds of knowing.

  • That which is known
  • That which is unknown
  • That which is unknowable (in a three dimensional sense)

We have access to all three, but most of that which is unknown and all of that which is unknowable cannot be known or attained on what we have come to call an intellectual level. Such knowing comes in other ways that the individual and collective mind cannot accept.

See Chapter 8 in On Being God - Beyond Your Life's Purpose for a good description of these other kinds of knowing.

So how is this other knowing made available to us?

These forms of knowing are only accessible from the voice of God. The voice of the God we all are and know of at some level. We, as gods, can look into the heavens, access our own divine natures and know profound truths that remain unknown and unknowable to the greater part of the world.

Each of us has institutional wisdom that solidifies our placement in an illusory reality. It is a reality of the egocentric mind. However, if it does not expand our awareness to something beyond the illusion we accept, of what value is it really?

Expanding our awareness of who we are is so much more worthy of gathering and in such a pursuit, we expand in the knowing that we are uniquely and individually the divine center of the universe!

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