Inspired inspirer

by ChrisF
(Seattle, WA (U.S.A))

This is the passage that kept me reading:
"The cause of humans' greatest struggles results when whom we have become egotistically conflicts with who we are innately" - Carl Bozeman
I don't know anything about Carl Bozeman, but I will soon.
I live a happy and successful life.
But it is somebody else's.
I am hoping to find guidance to help me start living my own.

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Jun 08, 2014
The Gift that keeps on Giving
by: Carl

Thank you so much for your kind words and for sharing on the site. Just a few years ago I would have described myself exactly as you have,eg., "I live a happy and successful life. But it is somebody else's."

It is always amazing to me when people from every walk of life suddenly "hear," very clearly, the voice from within telling them to take another look at the life they are living. It is as if something is missing and at the same time we know that "something" is not missing. "It's" there but we don't know how to keep it in the present, more of the time.

I hope you find that "innate" YOU and will do all I can to help. You might want to follow my Spiritual-intuition site on Facebook - . I share a daily message that, I hope, plants seeds of remembrance of that inner part of us that is overwhelmed in the noise of ego. I would love to have you there and share any insights you have as rediscover YOU.

Again thank you so much, Chris. I am honored to know you and wish you all the best always!! Wondrous times we are experiencing. Glad you're part of mine.


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