You Have It - Why Not Use It?

By Carl Bozeman

Inspiration, like intuition, is something we all possess. Most of us, however, have masked over this ability with noise and egoic chatter that makes it seem as if it is an extraordinary experience that occurs infrequently and very randomly.

Inspiration is the outcome of living the intuitive life. For many, it is a gift that is afforded us on special occasions and under extraordinary circumstances, because these occasions appear so far apart. The common expression has become the so-called "a-ha" moment, when lights go on and we are enlightened in an instant.

It need not be the case, as we are gods at the very core of our existence and intuitive capabilities are a part of the very essence of our make-up. We are sensing, at a very fine level, everything in our experience, but we actually comprehend very little of it.

The intuitive awareness we all possess is inspired awareness. We should never be surprised but often are, only because we have been conditioned to be aware of those things that are readily obvious and that come through our egoic filters and mind created reality.

Imagine being able to look at something or someone and comprehend the energetic vibration they consist of. We have that capability!

Inspiration is knowing at every level of existence there is. Three dimensional comprehension is what our ego would like everything to pass for, but we are capable of so much more.

Comprehension should not be mistaken for the kind of sensing that comes through our three dimensional senses. Rather, it should include the awareness of that which only gods can comprehend.

Since each of us is God, the things we are capable of knowing are infinite. We have learned to substitute our innate intuitive capabilities with that of the mind-created five sense capabilities.

Those five sense capabilities are finite capabilities that cut out so much of what is going on around us. Then we are caught by total surprise when our soul gets a glimpse of something outside of our conditioned awareness.

It should not be this way!

We have all heard the saying that we are spiritual beings having a physical experience.

Just because we are spiritual beings having a physical experience does not mean we no longer possess the awareness of the spiritual. We brought that here with us.

What our physical conditioning has done, however, is to convince us that we possess no such capabilities. Everything must be viewed throught the scientific eye that only sees through the physical senses.

No wonder inspiration seems so mysterious. It literally surprises our physical senses when it should be the natural course of our lives.

Gods are not really inspired, but because we have lost the awareness that the God within possesses, we think that they are.

The profound sense of knowing that rests upon us from seemingly out of nowhere should not be unusual. It should be what we call normal. We have that within us right now!

Inspiration and intuition - two characteristics of gods and we possess both!

In fact, we are gods!

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