Insight... Are You Clear?

By Carl Bozeman

Insight, or inner sight, comes in two forms.

The First Insight - Conscious Awareness

The first and most prevalent form is the inner view we all create based on our life of conditioning. It is the perception of the mind-created ego that has assumed the role of "knowing" based on what it has been taught. It might be called "conscious awareness", as it is specifically those things we have been taught to believe both about ourselves and the world.

This awareness is attached to the things of the world such as institutions, credentials, wealth, status, family name or heritage, religious beliefs, affiliations, etc. It is what our mind talks about constantly, what the mind has created, and what the mind upholds by seeking those things that bear out what it believes is the real you, the you it creates.

It's an illusion of consciousness, since, in reality, what we are aware of at any given moment is a fraction of what is really going on and which we are aware of in other, albeit, unrecognizable ways.

Consciousness is a filter that has been created to screen out the bigger part of reality it has been conditioned to ignore. We perceive what it has been taught and what it allows to come through our senses.

The Second Insight - Sensing

The second might be described as the lost, or masked, sensing.

This is the part of us that is aware of a greater, more profound reality. It's the reality that is filtered out by consciousness and it is so much more vast than the illusion we live that it is often thought of as unknowable.

It is the God within that we all possess individually and uniquely that is aware of an indescribable abundance. It is eternal awareness and an inner connection to everything and everything happening in an infinite universe.

We possess this awareness right now but we have allowed it to be masked over by what the conscious mind wants us to see in the world.

In fact, our thinking has limited our ability to even imagine how vast and divine our true natures are.

So how do we see more of the reality that exists?

True inner sight is the full awareness of all that we are and a fullness of knowing that the illusion we accept day to day doesn't have the ability to even begin to describe or comprehend what we are.

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