With Whom Does
Your Identity Identify?

By Carl Bozeman

Our identity is one of the most fundamental characteristics of the human species, and it is mistakenly thought of as the most important. In most cases, we are not who we think we are.

For most of us, when asked the question as to who we are, we reply with our name and perhaps heritage, ethnicity, or religion, followed by various characteristics we inherited from our parents and our upbringing. As we grow older and make our place in the world, our "self" takes on new learning and dimensions that have meaning to others in life. We like to think of ourselves as what we have accomplished, what our moral character is, and how we are perceived by others.


Identity is An Illusion of the Mind

What we accept in life as identity is really an illusion of the mind, of the ego, if you will. What we think of ourselves as in this world is not who we are.

We are so much more than anything we can accomplish or achieve in this life. Yet, in this life, accomplishment and achievement are the measures of human existence.

If we could comprehend who we truly are, our true individuality, as it were, we would see that nothing we do in this life compares to the eternal greatness we all possess.

Each one of us exceeds in measure anything the human mind can create or the ego can uphold.

Ego literally breaks down under the weight of our infinite nature. Its only way to counteract the greatness that we are is to create an illusion into which we are all mesmerized. Any measure we achieve in this earthly existence is not even a drop in the bucket to what we were before we took our first breath. 

If we could but comprehend our true nature, we would be humbled by the smallness of even the largest acts of humans.

The greatest challenge of anyone in this existence is to find the real you who exists within. Only then will you find true freedom and in that place you will know that you are God!

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