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I believe that Hell is the existence that we live before we are spiritually awakened. Hell is everything that happens in your life that brings you suffering. The suffering then forces you to search for reasons/answers, which puts you on your spiritual path. Once you reach an enlightening moment, and become spiritually awake, you start to "live in the moment" on a daily basis, and it eventually becomes "Heaven On Earth". When I am in the moment, it is perfect bliss, timeless, and I am so connected with my Higher Self (God) that I exist on a "heavenly realm" even when everyone around me is still living in their "hell". Since my awakening, I experience heavenly moments every day. Every encounter that I have becomes a holy moment, and I am completely aware of how connected we all are, and I know the true meaning of "synchronicity". I am so in touch with God (which I prefer to call Source) that I am guided from a moment to moment basis, my words, actions and decisions all come from Source. It is such a beautiful way to live, and I know I am changing lives every day!

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Aug 28, 2011
A Beautiful Way to Live
by: Carl Bozeman

Thanks so much for sharing your insights and especially how it is helping you in your life. One of your insights pretty much sums it all up for me and I think you express it so eloquently that I will just quote what you said. “Every encounter that I have becomes a holy moment…” Truth is there is no hell because, as you say, “every encounter becomes a holy moment.” If you are in touch with God or source then you “know” yourself and if you know yourself you already know that every part of YOU is holy. You are divine and that “source” you refer to is you in every way. In fact, everything is holy. Not just the animate but the inanimate. “Put off the shoes from upon thy feet, for the ground upon which you stand is holy.” This was an awakening for Moses not because some abstract God was present, rather he came to his own awareness that within him divinity resided.

Living in the moment carries no weight. It is a light load without any baggage of past or worries for the future. It is the place of “infinite being” and it is the place where everything in all of creation rolls into YOU, the Divine. Gods perceive no such place as hell. Only we humans do. When you stand in the now, as you mention, you stand on holy ground. Earth and all our judgments pass away and in the singular place God is not with you. GOD IS YOU.

Thanks, again for sharing and for changing “other’s” lives. You are most certainly right that this is a beautiful way to live. Blessings,

Aug 27, 2011
What a time you must be having
by: erica

I envy you your awakening. I have my moments. ;)

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