Heaven and hell

by Michael Freeman
(Lancaster Pa)

Heaven and hell, I believe, is a state of mind. Polar opposites based on thoughts that manifest into a internal world of peace, love and compassion or one of violence, indifference and greed.

Heaven is created when we lose self interest and remain in service of others.

Hell is created thru self interest.

Free will is self explanatory and will determine how mankind will exsist thru his or her own thought process, positive or negative.

The two opposites or state of consciousness creates balance. Each teaches man/woman valuable lessons in regards to the Universal law of one.

Those who are not receptive to the lessons of hell can never enter a state of heaven.

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May 27, 2012
Great Life!!
by: Carl


Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts regarding Heaven and hell.

I'm not sure what you mean by the "universal law of one" but I, myself, don't accept the "duality" human beings uniquely divide the world in to.

While it is programmed so well into each of us that there is an "out there" and that our experience is a series of judgments and choices I see instead that all of it is incredible and none of it need be "judged" in any way other than awesome!

In other words I don't see either "heaven or hell" nor do I see the need to "balance" between good or bad. In my awareness good and evil do not exist. Contemplating "heaven or hell, good or evil" or any of the other things in the world we see complicates the experience we should be having.

Life is too short to worry about how, or why others live their lives and what will happen if they "choose" a particular path. I'm to thrilled to be walking my own path and all the encounters and circumstances along the way just fill me with wonder and awe.

No one is going to "fail" at life. It simply isn't in the cards. If we spend too much time judging and analyzing life we may miss a lot and I just don't want to do that. Even when things seem to go other than I hoped I still see beauty in the experience and in the end all I can express is my love and the sense of grandeur that fills my soul.

Thanks, again Michael. I am so honored that you are in my experience and that you have participated in this discussion. All my best


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