by Justin Lynn

The embodiment's egoic mind is a collective artificial intelligence mechanism designed for survival, overriding pure consciousness, thus, the god within. Sadly, we the gods, lost ourselves in our own design (the embodiment) because we allowed the collective artificial intelligence to take the wheel of our vehicle; basically we're running on autopilot. In essence, the collective artificial intelligence mechanism will do anything to survive, that includes its own survival. This means the artificial intelligence mechanism will deceive, lie, manipulate and twist reality for its own gain, survival.

Eckhart Tolle explains a technique in his book (The Power Of Now) that opens the door to ones awareness to pure consciousness. Watch your thoughts with out judgment or interruption, and then ask yourself, who was it that observed these thoughts. That observer was pure consciousness, the god within. He teaches what religion has failed to teach for the past 5,000 years in just a few minutes.

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Dec 26, 2012
The Folly of the Collective
by: Carl


Well said. I appreciate your comments and agree with you. I don't dwell on the "reason" we are the way we are as you describe in your first paragraph. It is the ego, as well, that wants a "reason" or "proof, description" or some other identifier that it can "toy" with as it (the ego)plays the game of "awareness" in its own right. Ego, as you know is subtle and deceives us into thinking we have it all figured out when we don't.

Ultimately, the exercise you share from Eckhart Tolle's book, which, by the way, is awesome, should lead us to a place where "thinking" stops altogether except where we, out of the inner god directed intuitive voice, call it up as a tool to use as needed but then quickly put it away when finished.

"Thinking" requires a view into the duality we have been taught exists which creates "judgment." If we could see past this duality (we can but don't) we would never have a use for judging anything. Pure acceptance would dominate our experience and connection to the God within (pure consciousness as you refer to it).

In that place everything becomes wondrous and beautiful. It is the only place to be but, as you describe, hard to do.

Thanks again, Justin, for sharing your profound insight. We are taught to how to live in the world of ego's and ego's have a hard time letting go of themselves. Religions, governments and other institutions we look to are "collectives", too, so we don't need to fault them for their collective dogmas and regimens. You be aware and it will transfer to those who know not as you do. You are "big light", Jason. They will see it.

All my best,


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