Letting Go of What We Hang On To

By Carl Bozeman

Forgiveness is a necessary part of human existence for most of us because we cannot escape our illusion of what is important. It is letting go when we should not have grabbed on in the first place.

To quote On Being God - Beyond Your Life's Purpose, we are told, "Forgiveness only exists because we judge when we have been specifically asked not to."

What is it about human nature that we must judge not only our own acts, but those of others? Ego is the only judge and it comes to it because of the identity it has formed. That identity is fragile because it seeks approval and acceptance in the eyes of other egos.

Ego has judged that certain affronts in the human experience are offensive to it, even though in infinity, nothing that happens here on earth is important at all. Nothing we do or that others do to us is worthy of offense. We simply don't have time for it and in light of our life experience, nothing should ever be allowed to get in the way of our enjoyment of it.

Life is too short to let human events, whether they be individual or collective, affect our joy and experience!

Easier said than done, however, as reflected in the millions of humans remaining miserable in their unforgotten wounds. What a tragedy and waste of energy that could be turned to more pleasurable pursuits.

For the spiritual minded individual, forgiveness of the acts of others is unnecessary because they recognize their place in eternity. They do not judge anything!

They also recognize that all of us live in an illusion that masks over the important things in life, replacing them with every manner of silliness and folly.

Nothing can offend such an individual because nothing in this life experience is important except for the absolute letting go and living, loving and enjoying every aspect of it.

Nothing matters more and what others may take offense to is nothing more than another experience in a rich and wonderful life.

Spiritually minded individuals do understand, however, that not everyone is conditioned as they are and will be offended by certain acts considered unimportant. In those cases, restitution should be made if at all possible and do what can be done to restore good feelings of those taking offense. This serves both.

The offended party may never get to a place where things become unimportant, but it's not necessary for them to wallow in hurt and pain either. It is a decent thing to ask for forgiveness in such cases.

For those who have not reached such a place, it is necessary to find a way to let go, to forgive and forget.

Perhaps the greatest indicator of our egoic natures can be observed in this single area. That which we are unable to let go of is our ego, at its self identifying best. Remember, ego is the only thing about us that needs to judge. It defines what is important in the illusion of life it has created.

Gods do not judge! They live and breathe in everything three dimensional life offers.

Your heart, soul, spirit or whatever you want to call it cannot be broken. It is not possible to hurt gods with the silly acts of humans.

Your egoically-constructed rules can be broken and much hurt to the ego can result, but the spiritual life is a life without ego.

Find your inner god and nothing will pierce you. Instead, everything will uplift you.

For all others, we must forgive.

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