Everything that you fathom is in your mind.

by Thomas Griffith
(Orlando, FL)

Life exists because we know it to. We exist because it is the way it is, you know? Heaven and Hell are simply the understanding of good and evil. Both are real. There would be no meaning of good without bad. I have experienced hell in this earth by being around the wrong people. Sometimes you go into a fog and start doing the wrong things. Follow your heart. Life exists for you to choose your own path. Follow your heaven. Love, knowledge, understanding and faith in yourself is what you need. Enjoy your existence.

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Jan 25, 2015
Everything that you fathom "really" is in your mind!
by: Carl

Thank you so much Thomas for your lively response. I truly appreciate you sharing your thoughts and insights.

Your title "Everything that you fathom is in your mind" says it all. The mind is the only thing that has a concept of fathoming what it fathoms. Therein is its weakness as well. In other words the mind cannot "fathom" the unfathomable and all of us know that there is a lot going on we cannot comprehend by any stretch of the imagination. Another way to say it might be that the mind is limited; it is finite and to try to box infinity into a finite box is something the mind tries to do but really cannot.

In the mind's limited ability to "fathom" the unfathomable it creates the fathomable and labels it anyway it wants, e.g., good and evil. It creates great, but false stories about such things and then convinces us of places such as hell or heaven into which we go if we don't play by its particular set of fathomable rules (and everyone's rules are different, but fathomable).

It is a nutty circle we are caught up in, simply because we allow the mind to be the fathom-er of the unfathomable. Your words "life exists" is all that is necessary to fathom. What is, is. Simple as that.

Thanks again and of course, "enjoy your experience"!!


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