No Time in Eternity

No Space Either!

By Carl Bozeman

For most, the idea of eternity brings up linear time and it is typically thought of as a very "long time".

In fact, science is unusually curious about time as they search for the precise time backwards when everything started, how long it has taken to get to the present moment and how far into the future everything will go.

We are obsessed with time as mind-identified humans and while much is now being said about being present, most still tend to string present moments into a sequence that consists of past and future moments that all roll back up into an idea of time.

The present moment is often looked at as just one point in a very long sequence of time.

This is not so.

Time does not exist.

The present has no ending and therefore is eternalIt is the only place in existence where we experience a blending of everything we are with everything that isYou cannot experience the past or the future because they do not exist in the present.

The present has no connection to time nor to space, nor is it a point or moment in time precipitated by a previous point or moment.

Eternity exists right now and its only relationship is to everything. It is unlimited and without any boundary the mind of man can conceive. Everything we can possibly imagine rolls into it right now.

No beginning.

No ending.

No relation to time, space or any other law we ascribe to the physical universe.

Nothing but everything blended together in an eternal soup of experience.

We are it and it is us.

The experience of eternity is always present.

Sages past and present have told us it is right here, right in front of us. Blatently so, but in our bounded world of illusion, we don't see it.

In our illusory perception of the universe at large, our rules, laws, boundaries and beliefs lock us into them and in that state, we never comprehend our own place in infinity.

All the while, each breath we take, each heartbeat is eternity experiencing us.

We cannot escape it. We can only miss it in the feebleness of our thinking and the rigidness of our illusion.

Right now, you are everything and everything is you. No need to let it all in. It already is.

Eternity can never be passed by nor can it be found in the future. It surrounds you even now.

Enjoy it if you can!

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