Egoic Mind

Find the Real You

By Carl Bozeman

The egoic mind of man opposes the natural character and innate divinity we all possess.

There is a dual nature to humans that lies at the heart of our finding true happiness in life. Our ego is the result of a lifetime of conditioning by other egos that help create the illusion we live in.

Our illusion is our awareness of the world based on what we have been taught it should be like and we uphold that view with our words and actions.

The egoic mind is the conditioned mind and from the time of its inception, it moves us in the direction it believes is best for us. It constantly seeks proof and evidence that supports what it believes.

The cause of humans' greatest struggles results when whom we have become egotistically conflicts with who we are innately.

Parents all over the world see very soon after their children are born the unique character and nature they come into earth existence with. We readily acknowledge the unique character of every individual on the planet, yet we give little attention as to why there is so much variety even in single family units.

Science would like to have us believe that character is a product of genetics and environment, but a simple exploration of great lives, as we call them, tells us that personality emerges regardless of genetic make-up or environmental conditions.

Einstein's parentage was of no notable significance and yet he emerged as one of the greatest scientific minds of all time.

Siddhartha was born of royalty but would forsake it all to live in poverty so as to discover the divine nature of all mankind and begin a movement in which he was its first Buddha.

Horatio Alger - rags to riches; Winston Churchill refused to study languages in school but is awarded a Nobel Prize for Literature.

The list goes on and on of historical figures, not rising above their circumstances, but more hearing the call of another voice.

None of us are exceptions to this. We all have another voice that calls us, but for many if not most, the illusory voice of ego is all we can hear any more.

The pull of our innate character, that part of us that we came here with, against what egoic mind believes is right for us, is a driving force behind the stress and unhappiness many people feel.

We hear of so many people working at jobs or careers who are miserable but force themselves to stay with it because the money is good or they are economically tied to the work because of other obligations. We watch them struggle to do work they have in the hopes they can hang on to retirement when they can finally do what it is they have always wanted. Most never do move on. Their souls are depleted and all they hope for is that they can spend their last years resting in peace.

The egoic mind is strong and convincing and we live in a society where "get a job", "work until you retire", is what ego believes is the way to spend your life, even at the expense of your physical and mental well-being.

We do not come to this life with any preconceived purpose. We do, however, come here with a personality, character and uniqueness that defines what we are in the eternities.

The ego would have us resist such knowing for an illusion that is narrow and confining. We owe it to ourselves to let the divine within emerge, no matter what consequences ego decides will occur.

This is where you will find your greatest joy. Living a life of resistance to your divine nature will create a life of stress, disease and unhappiness.

Finding you, the god that you are, and letting that shine forth will not only put you in the places of greatest happiness but it will release you from an egoically created illusion.

You were great before you came here. 

Be Great Now.

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