A Life That Is... Always Is!

By Carl Bozeman

Dying is as natural a part of our sojourn here on earth as any other aspect of it we identify with.

People often search out reasons for the life they live and believe that we are put here on earth for special purposes which we must search for endlessly until we find it.

Some go to their graves never having found such reasons or purpose, greatly frustrated in the end that their mission in life has somehow eluded them.

Purpose in life is a cause of anxiety we feel throughout our lives, this endless search for meaning that we drive ourselves to find and fulfill. There is no grand purpose we must find and fulfill in life.

Life is about life!

The experience of it is why we are here.

Every part of life, every experience, every twist or turn life takes is part of its richness and variety. We need only to bask in every breath-taking moment of it.

That is all!

The inevitable part of life on this earth is dying.

We cannot escape it, but we don't need to. It is part of the experience of being on earth. It is part of that richness of experience we came here to enjoy.

We should not fear death - we should embrace it and relish every aspect of it as just another facet of the jewel of life we are here to enjoy.

Only our physical-ness in this existence is mortal. Our essence, the god that we are, lives forever in an infinite sea of reality and awareness. We do not die!

From this wondrous three dimensional plane, we leap into infinity and where we go or what we do matters not for we are gods and universes without numbers are our domain. Time and space have no hold on us except in this place. Earth and others like it are nothing more than stopping off points from the great beyond to which we all belong.

Enjoy your life here - every aspect of it. Even those parts that we think are confining, stress filled, and painful. You can always do it all over again in any way you want.

Gods can do that!

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