Dreaming Down Heaven

by Gini Gentry
(Santa Fe, New Mexico)

Dreaming Down Heaven is really two books in one volume. The first is a fictional adventure of a 30 something once VERY together woman whose life has come spectacularly undone. Relationship, job, money everything is kaput. But instead of going for retail therapy as some folks are known to do, Gigi finds herself in a musty old book shoppe drawn to a curious little book titled Dreaming Down Heaven written by someone named Maya.

Gigi takes the book home on a whim and falls asleep reading it and like Alice in Wonderland, finds herself catapulted into a mysterious adventure. Gigi's journey takes her to The Magical Theatre run by Maya the magnificent Goddess of Illusion who has created a Dreamtime Remedial Angel training program based on 12 very special Keystones that will bring us back to authentic nature.

Gigi reluctantly embarks on the training and encounters adventures very much like the same challenges each of us face on our own quest for self-mastery. Her adventures which include skydiving and a very hunky cowboy from NM are guided by the wisdom in Maya's Twelve Keystones.

When Gigi wakes up from her dream, she find the original copy of Dreaming Down Heaven by Maya right there to guide her through her daily life. The bonus is that Maya's Twelve Keystones form the second book in this volume so the reader receives their guidance as well.

AVAILABLE On AMAZON.COM on Kindle and in soft cover

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