Seeker of Life
Companion for Life?

By Carl Bozeman

Death is perhaps the ultimate mystery for all of humankind and has been throughout the ages.

It is written about in dark, foreboding words and we are led to believe it is the "most grim of reapers", harvesting souls of men to fill its darkened halls. It has not been painted into a very good picture, and why should it be? It is our greatest fear in life.

It is so difficult to comprehend that a vibrant, full and rich life can be snatched away in an instant and, in our three dimensional thinking, for no reason whatsoever. Humans are haunted by this.

What is death really?

Speaking in three dimensional terms, we cannot say what it really is. No one has a reasonable explanation that everyone can accept. We have our legends about it, such as reincarnation and our return to life on earth in various forms of incarnation, resurrection, or simply moving on in various spirit forms throughout the eternities.

Some have experiences where they have died and returned to life and we listen with interest but often skepticism as they tell their story, however convincingly. Even with these seemingly real accounts, we wonder, and perhaps always will, while alive.

Without introducing religious dogma or platitudes, we are unable to really know just what the end of life is and what happens when "it" happens.

So where do we go with it?

Like dying, it is a natural part of the "life" and living experience.

However, all of us look at it as a future event so far removed that we really never look at it as anything other than that.

We know the future does not exist. We can never know what is going to happen at any point in the future, including dying. Because we know this about the future, dying should not be thought of as a future event.

If it is thought of at all, it should be as a present moment reality.

How do we view death in the present?

The only way to view it in present time is as a real time companion, a guide or advisor. In that light, it is not a stalker or reaper of life, but an assistant to it!

Death is the master of insight, and the clearest view of what is important and useful in life - clearer than any other aspect of life we choose to look at it through.

In three dimensional reality, nothing gives more clarity to life than the lens of our passing from this world. It sees through everything that is unimportant and that clutters our lives. It is, in fact, the ultimate microscope in being able to focus on what is important in life.

But it is also our greatest advocate for detaching us from our doubts, concerns and worries. It is our greatest reminder that nothing we accomplish in life is greater than its hand upon us. Outside of that touch, everything we place importance on is suddenly unimportant.

Ultimately, when thought of in present time, it is our greatest advocate for living a rich and full life, our friend with the clear view of the world and our advisor to what really matters.

We should embrace it as a friend, confidant, and advocate for what is good in life.

Embrace life... embrace death!

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