Control of Humanity.

by Tyler

Heaven and Hell were created from a multitude of reasons. It was born from fear and lack of knowledge. It was the answers that humans on a metaphysical level needed. But leaders and corrupt men saw this as a opportunity. It could be used to make the general public behave and allow them to punish those who opposed their will. These rules and guidelines made people listen. The Pope grew a immense wealth from this. To the extent of at one point being the most powerful man in Europe, if not the world. Due to all this they started crusades for power, in the name of a god whose only purpose was to gain more power. It somehow justified the slaughter and slavery of millions. Starting wars, Genocides, even racism and sexism among the people. Heaven and Hell are ideas for control. That is the Truth.

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Aug 11, 2015
by: Carl


Thanks you so much for posting your comments about heaven and hell. I'm not sure what the reasons for the "ideas" of heaven and hell were nor from whom the words came. To me it is all part of the long story of spiritual beings having a human experience and trying to explain a mystery that is so vast only feeble attempts can be made and none are adequate.

Having said that I don't think explanations are all that necessary either. I'm sure there are other mythological stories and ideas that have morphed into devices used to control and exploit other humans. Still, all these things fold up into the experience we all share here.

I often wonder about the "consciousness" of those who go that way that you are speaking. It's hard for me to imagine a few humans getting together and creating something like the mythology of heaven and hell to put fear into and use to control large numbers of people. I'm likely wrong and you are likely right in your assessment but I prefer that speculations take place in the human mind and are well intention-ed but get swallowed up in their own success and become more and more rigid and fixed as the ideas grow in popularity. When that happens measures are taken (sometimes extreme) to hold the view and force others into it. I don't know. I'm just muttering on.

I do struggle with the fixation we all tend to have with "truth." As I see it nothing is true and I, myself, am always wrong. This has greatly simplified my life in terms of having to rigidly hold a point of view and even defend it. So much easier to have the experience I'm having without being wrapped up in things that probably don't matter in the long run.

In any case, I appreciate your thoughts and invite you to continue to share as you have further insights. All my best, Tyler


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