Your Consciousness... 
Your Awareness... 
You Choose!

By Carl Bozeman

Consciousness is the mind created context for the life we perceive and live. It is the result of what we have been taught is necessary to be aware of and we know that it is an awareness of reality that is extremely limited.

We know that the human body is a sensory device not limited to only the five physical senses. Scientific research has shown that our bodies are hit with billions of bits of information each second, even while we sleep!

However, research has also shown that, after our mind has filtered through that information, only between ten to thirty bits make it into our conscious awareness.

In other words, what we become consciously aware of at any given moment is next to nothing when compared to what is really going on in the world. We are literally unaware of the greatest part of life. In fact, as magnificent as we believe our existence to be, it is such a small part of what it could be.

What has happened to our greater awareness in life?

In truth, it is the mind. Our mind is the filter that has become the jury and judge of what gets through and what does not. It is the mind that has been conditioned to only see what it believes is important and all the rest is thrown out.

The life we live, the life we are conscious of, is an illusion of the mind. In the book, On Being God - Beyond Your Life's Purpose, we are told that from the day of our birth, the process begins to convince us, impressionable and helpless as we are, what we should believe in, how we should act, what is right and what is wrong, and every other aspect of life we come to accept as important. Once we come to accept what the mind made filter is, which is typically around puberty, our mind goes on autopilot and begins having a conversation with itself about all the things it considers important.

Most of us accept the mind created reality until the day we leave this three dimensional existence.

How do we increase our awareness?

We increase awareness by quieting the conversation that rambles on and on in our minds, or change the conversation to something that accepts a wider view of reality.

Having said this should not imply that the task will be easy. We have been conditioned thoroughly over the course of our lives. It will take much effort and persistence to get the noise of the mind to quiet down or to change, and we must realize the mind will fight it because it has created the identity we all have come to accept about ourselves. It will not give up easily and not without a fight.

Understand that our consciousness is a highly filtered and limited view of the world and until we relearn to allow more into our field of awareness, we will never know life as anything other than what we have been conditioned to.

We are infinitely greaer than anything we currently believe or accept.

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