Clairvoyance - 
Inner Sight or Outer Sight?

By Carl Bozeman

Clairvoyance or clear sight is often thought of as a gift that is typically connected to psychics or mediums. We sometimes picture gypsy women with turbans and crystal balls looking into the lives of their believers and predicting future love, wealth or careers.

It is sometimes thought to be mysterious because those we consider to have such gifts are able to look at us and see things we ourselves thought only we or some intimate friends could know.

What is this strange gift?

Clairvoyance is not a gift.

Like intuition, it is something we all possess. For most, however, we have lost this characteristic under the noise of our human-ness.

It is the ability to see clearly, meaning to see without the filters of the egoic mind. The ego is always judging at some level, so it is always assessing everything from a point of view it has been conditioned to see.

This judging skews what is really seen, because the mind needs to discuss internally what it has come to believe is true about any given situation, circumstance, event or person.

It is the discussion, or chatter of the mind, that filters out what we are really seeing.

Clear sight is seeing beyond the filters of ego and requires a quiet, non-judgmental mind. It requires stillness, just as intuition does. But in that stillness, we see beyond any illusion we have developed over the course of our lives.

When the judgments of mind are eliminated, naked truth stands before us and no mask can alter what is there. This is clear sight.

Clairvoyance is a characteristic of gods and, as we are all gods, the ability to see beyond any mask or illusion is our inherent nature.

Gods gather light. The more that is gathered, the clearer is that at which they look.

Looking without filters is the only true sight.

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