Affirmations for Life and Spirit

Affirmations for Life

By Carl Bozeman

These address the human side of our awareness.

They remind us of our place in a human existence that is fleeting but necessary.

They challenge us to be in the world of other humans knowing that we are so much more.

  • I love “me;” Today, all day, I will be at peace with where I am right now
  • I love life and live it passionately
  • I take in beauty and nature and am awed; all is good and abundant
  • I live each moment; I accept everything as it is
  • My body is a temple; I am healthy, vibrant and strong
  • I am a spiritual being; I know and honor myself
  • I have abundance and riches; I have all that I want or ask for
  • I have a beautiful soul mate who loves, cares for and adores me
  • I know my guardian; He is with me always
  • I see beyond that through which we view reality
  • I am a guide for many who are searching; I provide hope and inspiration
  • I sense the spirituality of all things; I am uplifted constantly
  • I accept all things in creation and make no judgments
  • I write from my heart and soul; My words are inner truth
  • My life is full of abundance; I never want; I am constantly struck with awe
  • I have all that I need; Sufficient for the day is my supply
  • I have a wonderful, meaningful relationships with all of life
  • I speak with the voice of spirit and those who hear know
  • I am respectful and trusting; Life is always honest
  • I love life; It is wondrous and good and it breathes me as I breathe it
  • I know who I am; the creator resides within me
  • I see the hearts and minds of people; they are all incredible
  • My tongue has been loosened; The words of my mouth are true
  • My writings touch lives; My truth has touched many hearts
  • People find in me guidance, counsel, comfort and support; they find truth
  • I am at peace; I am happy, upbeat and full of life
  • I am healthy and attractive; I have strength and vitality
  • I am at peace with myself and all of life
  • Everything about me is wonderful and good; I am perfect
  • I vibrate joy, peace, confidence and love
  • I have attractive energy that radiates, excitement, awe and wanderlust
  • I know my father; He and I are one
  • I have no illusions; “I am that I am”

Affirmations for Spirit

These are designed to speak to the God within, that spiritual part of us that, for the most part, submits to the human.

These will awaken us to the awareness that part of us is so much greater than what the human allows.

These make reference to the man or woman of knowledge. The man or woman of knowledge is God, your inner self that is divine and wondrous, the "I Am" within.

  • I AM a “Man of Knowledge;” I stop the world; There is no time or space
  • There is only “NOW;” There is no “yesterday” or “tomorrow”
  • I will do today that which I have “not” done before
  • I control my folly and meet “all” in the midst of theirs
  • I live as though I care; I AM in the world but not of it
  • I AM impeccable; I treat everything with respect and reverence
  • I “see” that everything is “new;” The world is incredible and wondrous
  • I live by acting; All that I do is deliberate
  • Mine is a path with heart; I am confident in my acts
  • I exist in a spectrum of equality; I AM “on par” with everything that exists
  • The “space” between life and death is where I live; I AM “NOW”
  • I have no fears; I look to my death for “clarity” when things are “unclear”
  • I AM light and fluid; I move quickly and act deliberately
  • I have no arguments; That which “is” simply “is”
  • I “see” with my body; My “seeing” is not that at which everyone looks
  • My “looking” relates to this physical reality; What I do “look at” is incredible
  • I AM equal; “Beneath” or “above” nothing; As I AM so are all things
  • I live by my will, not by my caring; I have no indulgences
  • I do not want of anything; I AM detached from everything
  • I sense the spirituality of all things; I AM aware of other realities
  • My “knowing” is to “un-know;” My “doing” is to “not do”
  • I look for and see “God” in everything; God manifests in minute details
  • My mind is a center of divine operation; It is the creative center of the universe
  • I AM intimate with the world yet inaccessible; I leave no mark upon it
  • I AM always “accessible” to power; Energy flows into me from everything
  • I respect all life and recognize it’s value to my own
  • My body does what it is designed to do; I listen “to” and cooperate with it
  • I act out of my will; not out of competitiveness
  • Everything I do “gives” to life; I AM reverent and respectful of it
  • I have no routines; I AM free, changeable and unpredictable
  • My “acts” make me powerful; I treat each as my “last battle” on earth
  • I give each act, each battle, each breath my very best
  • I AM a warrior; I AM constantly moving toward “power”
  • I AM humble; I “FEEL” the world; I store it’s energy with in me

You will have noticed that some of these are very specific to my particular circumstance (i.e. being an author).

In those cases, you can substitute your particular circumstance so the affirmation will have more meaning for you.

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