:) smile and play as you embrace. YOU ;))

by Victoria paige

Forget about the time. This life is too short to be so busy and stressed to see the many magical gifts we pass by or refuse to take time to notice.

If you can get the time for a while (and make sure you have a while, you might possibly dive right into the soul of your self, and forget all about ""reality" and it feels GREAT) to do what makes you happy: sing, dance, organize, invent, cook, teach, anything that brings you joy and is fun for you.

Smile as often as you can. Everytime you catch yourself without one on your beautiful face go ahead and gift the world and smile your joy.

Embrace all that is you in these moments of joy.

Feel it, learn it, love it, hold on to it forever - it's yours. Always has been and always will be.

So sing, "Put a smile on your face, make the world a better place!"

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Apr 08, 2012
by: victoria eve

thank you miss i enjoyed your story and thank you for taking the time to share it with me .. happy easter may your days be blessed

Apr 06, 2012
No Ordinary Stranger
by: erica

Just Smile?

I recall listening to someone talk of a story that they had heard. A dejected person, I think a woman, who was done with this life had decided to end it. On this day she was walking head down, depressed, resolved, when suddenly she noticed a pair of shoes coming her way. Normally she wouldn't look up but on this day she did and it changed everything. The man in front of her was smiling... at her no less, and to her surprise she smiled in-kind. A Smile! Her resolve gave way to the smile of a stranger, so yeah, Just Smile.

"E", With All My Love :)

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