Top Tips for Healthy Living: Our spiritual journey

by Peter John Lucking

Top Tips For Healthy Living

Top Tips For Healthy Living

Top Tips For Healthy Living
Follow your heart to find your spirit.

Cheri and I have been on a spiritual journey all our lives. We enjoy reading and acting on many wonderful books packed with advice. We have however often found it difficult to stay on the path.

We had become overwhelmed by our growing stack of self-help books, on everything from what to eat to the secret. We noticed that many of the younger generation including our son, were like us struggling to find the foundation for life and stay on the path.

We stopped and asked ourselves this question. How hard can it really be, to live and have a healthy mind, body, heart and soul? What if we condensed all we knew into simple thought provoking tips to have a healthier mind, heart, body and soul. Simple and concise tools to live by, reminders and thought provoking tips to create a foundation to build on. Well that sounded very straightforward and as all authors know, writing a one line synopsis or paragraph of a book is very difficult.

The spiritual journey began. Together we explored and challenged our beliefs searching for fundamental truths, learning new things every day. The process was invigorating; the challenge excited our thoughts night and day… Some of our discussions on simple thoughts lasted for hours and sometimes days, included friends, research, new books, and multiple opinions. We spent hours soul searching, we came to a truth, “We actually know so little, but are walking a path. Our book should follow our heart and soul.”

I would like to share some of the many wonderful things that happened. Cheri started rereading the Bible, I explored Buddha’s teachings, we found similarities and truths in the words. Every tip we shared and explored was already there. You just had to look to find it. Truth resonates were ever it is found.

Talking about spiritual beliefs and religion is a taboo subject, our experience is, it is the most healthy and invigorating of all subjects. Through questioning and listening we open ourselves to new opportunities.

Often our journey would come to a new challenge, an opportunity. One was the realization that to lay a foundation for success for a balanced healthy mind, body, heart and soul, we needed to help people find more time in their hectic days to play, dream, socialize and be still. What good is a tip if the user has no time to act? Our book went from four chapters to five, Daily Tips to Achieve a Healthy Lifestyle. “Put a limit on work hours, dream, play, laugh and socialize. Put down the phone, the electronic gadgets and focus on your life.”

Failures are stepping-stones for success. A simple discussion about downloading free music from the internet, with our son led to a simple conclusion, we had failed in mentoring and teaching. We added Chapter 6, Tips for Life. To help lay a foundation for success.

Through sharing this spiritual journey, Cheri and I have become closer. As Aristotle said, “A friend is a second self.” Cheri is much more than this, she is my soul mate.

Life is not about doing more but being more, follow your heart to find your spirit. “You are cool, because you are you! Now isn’t it fun to be a remarkable you?

Enjoy life’s wonderful journey.

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Jul 27, 2012
by: erica

Hey CBoze, Don't you just love it when people get it? It's soooo encouraging. Or else we are surrounded by good, loving, well intentioned, ignorantly blissful folk. It's cool. That's why people like Pete n Cheri, as well as yourself, are strategically placed.

By the by, I had written in my previous comments "chicken soup" to Peter that I did not have the "confidence" to share my thoughts -- what I was actually thinking and meant to say was that I did not have the confidante, referring to Cheri, that he had. Typo or Fruedian slip... Hmmmm.

Have a Happy, Guys. Gobs n Gobs of Love.

Big Smile, E

Jul 25, 2012
Too Cool
by: Carl


You are such a treat! I'm thinking I need to let you take over this website. I love that you stay involved and I know that those to whom you respond love you as much as I do. Be well my dearest friend and thanks.

Love you so much!!!


Jul 25, 2012
"Hot" Tips is More Like It!
by: Carl

Peter, Cheri,

As you already know, I have read your wonderful book and so love how you have distilled insights and wisdom from so many sources and presented it in a way that is easily read and absorbed.

How inspiring your story is! I love the concept you share about cutting down on the amount of "work" we do. I think we should all consider this especially if we are doing work (jobs/careers) that we don't really care about. Imagine the "lift" to our souls and lives if we spent more time doing what we love and less doing what we dislike?

You are both a gift in so many ways. I can't imagine my life without you in it. All my best and I will help get the word out about your book. I think everyone should have it.

All my love,


Jul 23, 2012
Chicken Soup
by: erica

Indeed it is the most invigorating and healthy of all subjects. I don't have the confidence you have to share my thoughts and so this site and you and others of like-minds are all the more dear to me. How hard can it be, you ask. My guess is it's as simple as getting out of our own way. This roller coaster is a trip. Lol! I say this alot, "I don't knock the "ego", it wants to live too." Often if not always the sustenance that sustains it is not beneficial to the soul. It's Okay. When we are down or low or slightly off center, if we back track we will inevitably find the cause in something we did or did not do. Now that's Power. Peter and Cheri, God bless you both and your family. "You are cool because you are you", Thank you for that. Until the next time, keep dreaming, laughing, playing and socializing. Peace and Love, E

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