It's Getting Hot in Here

by erica
(philadelphia, pa.,us)

Q#1- What would you say to someone who says that God created evil, reasoning that God is Omnipotent, Omniscient, Omnipresent and therefore no seperate opposing power is possible? Me first. "The world and it's dual quality or nature, of which evil is a part, must be an illusion."

Q#2- Is duality an illusion? And still it's what's in my range as far as I Am aware. What I seem to experience beyond duality, or Oneness if you will, is over my head. It seems fueled there, if that makes sense. Where i can't perceive it and more, much more than ordinary faith.

Q#3- If i am God why don't i know it? I may very well suspect it, hope it's true or even guess correctly. The question begs an uncertainty however that one does not equate with God.

I'm in a melancholy moment. Does God get melancholy? Do You? :)

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, feeling better already!

Big Smile,

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Sep 01, 2011
I Here You
by: erica

Of course you're right. Divinity knows it's own, i read once. Probably in the book i'm presently reading by Dr. D Hawkins on dissolving the ego and i believe it completely. Also, "God can only be known and not proven." That One can't explain this "knowing" which you wrote in another comment is right on. I must surrender i know. I hesitate to say, i don't know how. I don't consider the mundane things i do or engage in synonymous with God. That other's engage as well doesn't seem to matter and i don't think i'm special, but, I Am believing that that is my issue. I Am encouraged, please believe. Somehow it's done. I can't explain it;; And thank you very much,i do have your book in my kindle. I should be getting to it any day now. Smiling:)

Aug 29, 2011
Pretty Cool... or is that "Hot"? Q-3
by: Carl Bozeman

Erica: I have a 3000 character limit on my answers so I have to break things up to get everything answered. Here you go with the final response:

Question 3: Have you read my book Erica? If not let me know and I?ll send you an eBook version so you can. The first lines in the book are ?We, all of us, are gods. We all innately know this but have lost the knowing through conditioning to our current 3 dimensional awareness.? You know at some level that you are divine. We all do. If you have ever heard a voice within say something like ?I know there has got to be more to this than what I see? that was the voice of god. Not some God out in yonder heavens but your own ?I AM? calling as it were from the ?wilderness? trying to get you to turn inward to where reality truly exists. Every one of us hears this voice calling out to us to get back in touch with our innate selves. Erica, the very nature of your questions and queries indicates that you are hearing this voice a lot. In fact your statement at the end of your question, e.g. ?The question begs an uncertainty however that one does not equate with God? is just such an example of something reaching up to you to get you to listen to it. That is the voice of god; that is YOU the god.

You use the term ?uncertainty? and that goes to the very heart of every other question you have asked. ?How do I decide especially if I am uncertain?? Why are we uncertain? Because we are running what we know through the filters of ego that ?thinks? it knows and that causes uncertainty. Quiet the mind and listen to the voice that speaks to you (hint: it won?t speak in words but you will know it when it happens). You?re closer than you think, Erica.

Keep ?em coming, Erica!!! I love this. You can send me an email at and let me know if you?d like a copy of the eBook. I think you?ll get a lot out of it. All my best.


Aug 29, 2011
Pretty Cool... or is that "Hot"? Q-2
by: Carl Bozeman

Erica: Qestions 2 continued.

Question 2: Duality is not just ?an illusion? it is, rather, ?THE? illusion. Our physical experience is a constant state of judgments to the point where, in time, we stop judging and just ?do? what we have always done. (See my blog about judging at: ). However, in this egoic reality we always see a so called choice before us and decide, based on conditioning, how to move forward. As a god, which we all are, we have another voice that has been masked over by the incessant noise of the mind. It is the intuitive voice (voice of that god that you are) which is not a gift. It is simply how gods communicate and we often hear it but turn around and run it through the filters of the mind and most of the time we talk ourselves out of whatever it is telling us to do because the intuitive voice never sounds like ego or what we ?think? we know. Everything in ?human? life is perceived in duality, e.g. good and evil, right and wrong, failure and success, up down, etc.
The problem with duality is it puts ?us? in the middle of trying to decide which side to fall on. If you recall from the teachings of Jesus ?judgment? was something he labored to get us to stop doing more than any other thing. It is the pathway to re discovering that ?intuitive? voice we all have access to. Jesus knew that you will never become ?fully? aware of how profound and wondrous you are and everything in existence, if you are constantly trying to decide what it is you are trying to perceive. When you let go that there are differences in everything, ?everything? explodes into your awareness and your only perception is that everything is wondrous down to the very last detail and all that we once spent so much time trying to decide was god or bad just becomes incredible. Literally, everything blends together into an infinite now that exhilarates rather than confuses.
Very tough to wrap our heads around, I know but necessary to finding ?who? exactly YOU are. Your own statement at the end of your question, e.g. ?The question begs an uncertainty however that one does not equate with God.

Question 3 is in another post; Look for it!

Aug 29, 2011
Pretty Cool... or is that "Hot"? Q-1
by: Carl Bozeman

I?m so sorry to hear you are melancholy. Yes I sometimes get melancholy but the god that I am does not. Melancholy is an emotion and emotions are uniquely human characteristics. The closer I connect to the god I know I AM the fewer emotional experiences I have. As usual you ask great questions. Let me see if I can give you answers that make sense.
The answer to question 1 is ?you are right!:). Evil is an idea. Ideas are creations of the mind, therefore, they are illusions. A ?God? who is omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent is an ?idea? as well. Again, a creation of the mind. Typically, when people ask this question they are trying to reconcile ?the good in all things? with the idea that if ?God (out there) created it then God can fix it and in some time ?future? He will. The ego is powerful and crafty and loves the idea that there is an ?out there? to which we must look for everything. This is how it so cleverly masked the idea that ?WE are divine.? I usually answer this question with a question. If God created all things including ?evil? then is evil good? The typical response is ?well it gives me opportunities to become better in my life, etc., etc.? I will usually respond with ?then the result of evil, as you see it, is ?good.?? They sometimes fumble getting out a ?yes? but most manage to do so.
You see where this is going. It is an egoic conversation that does not address that evil is an illusion. Most people cannot wrap their heads around such a concept. They see evil as very, very real. If you can, however, help them see that even the (so called) evil we identify with in the world as having beneficial consequences, that is a good way for them to view it even though we know it to be an illusion of the mind.

My answer to questions 2 and 3 in another post. Look for it...

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