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Spiritual Intuition E-Zine, Issue #014 -- Oct. 13, 2013
October 13, 2013

Hello from Carl!

Hi everyone,

First I'd like to thank everyone who was able to read my post at InspireMeToday last Thursday. There was a nice response to the post and several comments. If you missed the opportunity, the article is archived and can be found by following this link - InspireMeToday.

We also had numerous signups for the Spiritual Intuition E-Zine, adding many new members to the website and our email list. I am truly grateful for all our new subscribers and to all of you who have been a member of the site since the beginning.

I am making one minor change in the delivery of the book, "On Human Being - Loving & Living Without Purpose." Instead of sending just the "Introduction" this first week, I am including the first chapter as well. That will make the total number of mailings eleven rather than the twelve I mentioned in my previous announcement. I hope you won't mind and this will give you a chance to get started right into the book.

The first chapter is titled "Cosmic Train." I hope you will enjoy it as we begin the journey into the world of three dimensional reality. Please enjoy the "Introduction" and "Chapter 1".

Click Here to Download the Introduction and Chapter 1

All my Best,


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