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In this delightful and enlightening INDIE Excellence Awarding Winning (Best Holiday Book and Book Cover Design - Children) new best-selling book, SANTA & THE LITTLE TEDDY BEAR, Peter John Lucking author and illustrator tells a lovely story about Christmas through the eyes of a Little Teddy Bear named Bilbo and Santa. The book contains 29 lyrics to favorite Christmas Carols, 24 original illustrations, 16 Chapters, every chapter a bedtime story. The book was made in the USA bound the old-fashioned way, Smyth sewn and glued, printed in six color process on heavy semi-glossy stock. Designed to be a Family Heirloom Gift book to be passed on through generations. SANTA & THE LITTLE TEDDY BEAR has already achieved bestseller rank at in the category of Children's Books/Religion/Inspirational. The book is so much more than a story about Santa, reindeer and a little teddy bear. The book leaves you with a smile on your face and joy in your heart as you read and imagine the Bilbo the Little Teddy Bear grow from all worn, tattered and torn blossoming into a lovely being with a twinkling heart and an enlightened soul.

18 years ago Peter had an idea to write a children's Christmas story, he wrote and illustrated the book, and put it away on the shelf.

In 2008, the Lucking Family gathered in England for a Christmas reunion. Peter's nephew asked, "What is the true meaning of Christmas and why do we celebrate?" The three Kings (the Lucking brothers), wearing their Christmas paper hats (an English Tradition), began to tell the story through the joyful singing of Christmas Carols, when you read and listen to the lyrics you truly discover the meaning of Christmas and why we celebrate.

The evening was magical. Mum Maria had left a copy of the original Santa and the Little Teddy Bear an 18 year old manuscript on the bedside table; a book that was originally inspired by Peter's son Michael's birth. Peter had an epiphany that night and set out to rewrite the story intertwining carols, developing the characters to create a book that is fun, joyful, educational, spiritual, whilst it tells you the true meaning of Christmas.

I'm thrilled to support Peter as he spreads the word and meaning of Christmas through Santa & Bilbo in this epic whirl wind adventure. Peter has written and illustrated this new best-selling 2011 INDIE EXCELLENCE Holiday Book Winner and 2011 INDIE Excellence Book Cover Design-Children-Finalist, entitled: SANTA & THE LITTLE TEDDY BEAR. Peter and his wife Cheri are excited share this lovely book while it gains the recognition it deserves.

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Please forward this newsletter to your family, friends and colleagues. Help spread the joy and story of Santa & the Little Teddy Bear as they travel the world discovering amazing things on their successful journey to love, peace, joy and happiness. Gratefully yours!


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