Ever wanted to climb the tallest mountain in the world? We all can, because you are the mountain. It's an interesting climb, always challenging, arduous, exhausting, dangerous, rewarding, exhilarating fun. Never out of your reach. You were born into duality with your own special skills to get the climb done. You are here to do the climb. Some simply stroll to the top, others struggle. Choice of route is up to you. Take time to rest, practice your skills, meditate and reflect. Keep your awareness sharp - you will see things on the way up and meet other climbers who are also aware of the climb. When you get to the top - and you will - THE VIEW IS GREAT!! and will make you laugh.

When you have climbed your 100-mile mountain, although you have entered Yourself, it is not yet genuine.
Take a step from the summit of the mountain and See all.

How do you step from the summit of a 100-mile mountain?

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Apr 18, 2012
Much to Learn, Nothing to Earn
by: Anonymous

Ever wanted to climb the tallest mountain in the world, you say. You are the mountain, not to mention the challenge that comes with; not to mention the danger, exhiliration and reward, you say. It's all so interesting. Paradoxical too. The summit or peak is the goal yet creation is done! Still we climb steadily and deliberately if we're paying attention til once the imaginary mountain has been climbed and the imaginary summit has been reached the persistent illusion that is reality will be seen for what it is or rather for what it is not. While a twentieth century sage reminds us that "we shall not cease from exploration", there is no climb, there is no mountain, there is no journey. Creation is finished! It is your Father's good pleasure to give you the kingdom. It is my humble opinion that awareness of this truth is the step from the summit of the 100-mile mountain.
Love, E (Big Smile)

Apr 13, 2012
by: Anonymous

scaling the mountain of self, beautiful enttry i must say was almost on the edge of m seat just your word play its self is interesting you have a nache for it thank you for being you and your courage to write

Apr 13, 2012
On Step At a Time
by: Carl

Great post and great final question: "How do you step from the summit of a hundred mile mountain?"

My answer: Only once:).

Thanks for sharing your insights and the lovely metaphor of climbing mountains. I agree that we are the mountain but that we are always atop the mountain. We let ourselves believe that we must climb it and in the climbing we encounter the perils and pleasures along the way. Perhaps if we could learn to laugh at everything as we go the journey to the top would end and we would simply be "the top." Pretty cool!

Thanks, again.


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